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Professional Skills

I bring creative vision and technical expertise to craft impactful graphic solutions for businesses, organizations and events. Logo design, branding materials, marketing, event design, photography and social media.
I'm proficient in industry-standard design software like Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Fresco...) and possess a keen eye for detail, ensuring your designs are not only visually beautiful but also strategically aligned with your brand goals and target audience.


​When I'm not flexing my design muscles, I find inspiration and balance through enriching experiences. Spending quality time with my 7-year-old definitely keeps life busy and exciting!
I LOVE Exploring the world through travel and capturing its beauty with photography. My passion for music, whether drumming, strumming the guitar, or tinkering with the ukulele, fuels my creativity and keeps me in touch with rhythm and flow – elements essential for crafting visually compelling designs.


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